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Conscious Channeling

Conscious Channeling is the way I channel. Conscious Channeling involves raising your vibration by opening your heart to connect with the higher vibrational guides, angels, and ascended master realms of spirit directly.


Channeling is a healing art allowing LOVE from the higher realm to flow through you!

Channeling provides access to incredibly high vibrational frequencies of LOVE along with accurate Divine Guidance.

During conscious channeling, the messenger (channel) is in a relaxed state of consciousness that occurs when they allow higher vibrational beings to align with them for the purpose of communication, healing, and the sharing of information.

While conscious channeling you are still in your body and you are still in charge of your life stream, You are simply Vibrationally elevated so that you become a frequency match for the higher vibrational being you want to connect with. 


A conscious channeled message frequency then flows through, like a stream of consciousness alongside your own. You receive the message word for word and pass it on directly. The guide, ascended master or archangel chooses their words and concepts based on your vocabulary, but the message is direct from the source.


While the link is made with a guide or archangel you’re able to listen, experience, feel the elevated vibration and even pause, ask for clarification, or stop the message and connection.

Conscious channeling gives you the opportunity to directly connect with very powerful, wise and LOVING spirit guides who can sense the energy around you and the areas you inquire about, then LOVINGLY provide you with guidance based on what they see.

Channeling helps to create positive transformation in those who hear the message.

I Channel my working guide, “Shanaoah” who is a Cree Native Shaman. We work together answering individual’s life questions.

The readings I have had from Shanaoah through Denali have been liberating, uplifting & confirming. Liberating to be able to let go of worry and concern for dear loved ones. I was uplifted by being free of low frequencies such as worry and fear of future. The readings were confirming to know I am doing the correct meditation for loved ones.

The day before one of the readings, I made some coconut water for extra potassium for health problem and hadn't drank it yet which I had not mentioned to Denali. During the reading Denali stated she is receiving a picture of a coconut, then Shanaoah mentioned to drink coconut water. It was very interesting that he sensed I what I needed. 


Linda Larson

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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